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Toy Story

Wow! It has been quite a while since my last blog post.

See… This is what I was afraid of when I decided to start a blog.

I knew that I’d start with a bang, especially since it was over the summer, and I wouldn’t be able to continue on the same path once I started the new school year. I was right.

Okay. I’m done complaining about how I’ve slacked off. Moving on…


So much has happened over the past several months. For one, we are now at 28 weeks, and everything is looking fantastic! Our ultrasounds have been amazing. We have seen so much of our baby boy–from his heartbeat to his facial features. We’ve had a handful of “anatomy” scans at our high-risk doctor’s office due to our son’s stubbornness. When he doesn’t feel like cooperating for the scan, he doesn’t, and Dad and Mom have to leave work early again and again for rescheduled appointments. Luckily, all has been well, and we have gotten some fantastic pictures in the process.

I do have to report about our very first anatomy scan. After the ultrasound technician took a jillion measurements and pictures, she retrieved the doctor to take a look. The doctor–who is not our doctor–flipped through the pictures and said, “Yes… The heart is limited.” I literally almost went into cardiac arrest. Knowing our past with miscarriages, you must understand my feelings. I said, “I beg your pardon.” She replied, “Our view of the heart is limited. You’ll have to come back, so we can get all of the angles we need. Otherwise, everything looks wonderful!” Could she not have started with that?! Talk about a sigh of relief…

We have also been working on the nursery. We have decided on a Toy Story theme. We were very much inspired by a fantastic blog post on The Photographer’s Wife. From the Scrabble letters above the crib to the hanging Barrel ‘O Monkeys she describes in the post, we are striving to make our nursery look just as amazing as hers. My dad painted one weekend while we were out of town, and our best friend and his brother installed our wood laminate flooring today. We plan on picking up the nursery furniture tomorrow and assembling it this week. My wife has set a goal of having all of the “big” stuff done by Thanksgiving. And, by the grace of God, I am going to see that that happens!

On top of all of this, my wife’s baby shower is being planned. Being that I’m not the average male/husband/father-to-be, I was granted permission from my wife to attend the shower. (I’ve gone to several other baby showers in the past due to being friends with women and being close to female family members, so why wouldn’t I attend my own wife’s baby shower?!) I’m sure that there are many people who disagree with this, but I want to celebrate this baby with our family and friends, and especially my wife, more than anybody. I have already guaranteed that the spotlight will not be taken off of my wife. The day is still all about her and our son. I am simply a guest who is there to enjoy himself, participate in the games, and enjoy the food and company. What’s wrong with that?!


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